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About Us

Mingles Tea Bar is a place where people come to take a break from the stresses that day to day living can bring on. We provide a safe, tranquil, entertaining and encouraging atmosphere for our customers that soon become a part of the Mingles Family. We consider ourselves to be the modern day “Cheers”. We remember everyone's name and drink.

Our tagline is: “Experience the Flavor!” because it is just that… An Experience!

We are a hub in the communi”tea” which is why we are also known as “MINGLEWOOD”.

We offer a variety of teas to meet your needs, from stopping inflammation to relaxing the body. Our teas include premium ingredients, are loose leafed and blended by hand.  They are so amazing you can steep them twice.

We dare not forget our homemade desserts which are out of this world (or at least Inglewood).

We are known for our famous Mama’s Peach (Peach Cobbler), also known as “Jesus Stepping out of Heaven and Giving you a Hug” and the Lemondrop Cake also known as “A Kiss from God”. Both desserts are made and prayed over by my mother.

We are Unique with everything from the art on the wall to the different seating options we provide. No One remains the same once they have had a Mingles Experience. One of our taglines is #itsnotaboutus because we are simply here to be used to touch someone who thinks the world has forgotten them, encourage someone to believe in themselves even when the world doesn’t and to let them know that regardless of our differences, we are all the same when you get down to the basics. We ALL want to be included, loved, seen and touched by something Greater than ourselves…

Mingles has been featured on Channel 4 "NBC Live", Channel 5 KTLA "LA Unscripted", KCET "SoCal Wanderer", SoFi Black History and Mother’s Day, along with having great Yelp and Google reviews which are all true… Come and have the Experience yourself.


We look forward to Teaing you SOON!

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